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Steve Talks Books and I connected when he came on to do his 5 Influential Horror episode. We had such a great conversation we created a regular series on the channel called  'Voices & Steve Talk Horror'. A series where we talk about various things all horror related! You can find that playlist here: Voices & Steve Talk Horror

Steve Talks Book is a booktube channel that focuses primarily on grim dark fantasy and horror books. His channel is known for his author interviews and his newer series 'Page Chewing' where he and his co host discuss all sorts of literature related things. You can find Steve's channel here: Steve Talks Books. He is also on Twitter @ SteveTalksBooks!



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Tom Rimer and I will be working on a series called "Found Footage Fridays". In that series we will be breaking down a different FF movie the last Friday of each month. Tom and I connected on our love or the subgenre and we are both very excited to share that love with the viewers. 


Tom Rimer is the author of Malevolent Nevers, The Glowing (Trilogy), and the soon to be released Odious Ghouls (February 2023). He is an avid horror movie fan, with a particular interest in the found-footage subgenre. You can find Tom on Twitter

@RimerTom, on Instagram @BookishRimer, on Goodreads. You can also find him on his website:  http://tomrimerauthor.com

JR and I met randomly on IG while talking about a new horror movie that had come out on Shudder. He invited me to come onto a channel he has with two others called 'Horror Fiend TV'. Sharing similar views on horror, and appreciating how brutally honest he is about horror movies, I asked him to do a new collaboration with me called 'Monday Morning Musings'. When the series launches it will be short videos about thoughts on....you guessed it; horror movies! Series to be launching soon. 

JR is a horror lover with a special love for found footage movies. He co-hosts on 'Horror Fiend TV' with his brother and one of their best friends. Their set up is like a TV show with various series they do separately and together! Check out this unique horror channel here: Horror Friend TV. 



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Scott runs several podcasts under the name the You Run Podcast. We first met on IG and connected over our love of horror. After doing a few episodes for his horror movie review podcast and having done some things for my channel as well, I reached out to Scott to do a series on horror remakes. We both believe in the necessity of remakes and you can check out that series now on YouTube! 

Scott has a YT channel in addition to his podcasts. If you love horror news, movie reviews, and true crime, Scott is definitely someone you want to be following and keeping up with! You can find all of Scott's endeavors (including his hilarious TikTok videos) on his website here: You Run Podcast



As you can see, horror is a part of who I am. It has become such a prominent piece in my life. My very first memory of life is watching the movie Poltergeist. I was three years old. I grew up on cheesy SciFi movies and shows. I grew up on Christopher Pike and Stephen King. (Of course R.L. Stein). I love all things horror and if there is one thing I truly believe in, is that you should follow your passion in what you do. So here we are!


  • Favorite Horror Movie: This is a hard one for me to answer because I have favorites in all the subgenres. The one movie that probably shaped my intrigue in horror and impacted me the most? That would have to be The Exorcist.

  • Least Favorite Horror Movie: THERE ARE SO MANY! I think the one that irritates me the most is Donnie Darko. I hate that movie and it drives me crazy that so many love it. 

  • Favorite Horror Subgenre: HANDS DOWN FOUND FOOTAGE! I know, I know. So many people disrespect the art that is found footage but it is one of my absolute favorites! 

  • Favorite Thing About Content Creating: I think this is a toss up on two things. One, I've learned recently that I really enjoy doing Let's Plays for content. I am a gamer and I love combining the enthusiasm for gaming with my obsession with horror. And the other side of it would be meeting other people in the horror community. I've met so many wonderful artists and writers. That has been one of my favorite things as well. 



Who are you?

From the misty shadows of your deepest darkest insecu...Oh, I'm Mike. Hi! Who are you though?

I am the editor extraordinaire! I work the magic behind the scenes generally except when Angel lets me play on the camera. I'm responsible for making sure that the videos are within reasonable lengths and entertaining for y'all. Fun fact about me, I speak with a neutral accent but I write with a Southern accent. What can I say, I'm a man of many talents.


  • Favorite Horror Movie: Definitely The Others. It was a win on all fronts for me, especially the story and the cinematography. Nicole Kidman, she absolutely owned her role. Look out, she might get big in Hollywood one of these days! Don't worry though, I won't spoil the *checks notes* nearly 21 year old movie, but I'll say it's definitely one to watch!

  • Least Favorite Horror Movie: That's a great question! I think for me it's Jeepers Creepers, not just because of the problematic stuff with the director and whatnot, I just wasn't convinced by Justin Long (who I generally love, btw) in his role, and it just threw the movie off. I have the same complaint for SAW with Cary Elwes, but the plot and the rest of the ensemble was just much better. 

  • Favorite Horror Subgenre: Without a DOUBT monster movies. I dunno, give me a good monster flick, whether it be horror, action, or whatever, and I'll generally watch it.

  • Favorite Thing About Content Creating: Probably the whole...you know...creating part. In my main career I generally fix things, so there's a set of parameters that I generally go by. In editing and filming there's much more freedom to express yourself and experiment. I can play with sound, lighting, etc., and no answer is generally a wrong answer. I get to have fun with stuff, and it's kinda awesome.