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Book:  28 Days Sassier

Author: Damien Casey

Publisher: Independent

Genre: Dark Humor/Sci-Fi/Cryptid


Why You Should Read It

Bigfoot Book!


Why I Liked It

Any time I pick up a book by my pal Damien, I know I’m going to have a good time. If you aren’t familiar with Damien Casey’s particular brand of humorous fiction then you wouldn’t know that his stories are always chock full of one liners that will make you snort-laugh, wrestling references, Danzig and Megan Trainor fan-boy speak and crazy cryptids. But if there’s one cryptid that I always associate with Damien, it’s Bigfoot, or in this story, Sassy.


28 Days Sassier is a post-apocalyptic story about goblins taking over the world after some dumb dumb scientists accidentally opened a portal. Some poor guy named Jim accidentally ends up stuck as a sort-of last man on Earth while everyone else was transported to Earth 2. Jim has to hide from the goblins as they wreak havoc on Earth 1 and also ends up seeing a Bigfoot.


Still with me? Okay, hold on for the rest of the ride.


We follow Jim as he cracks jokes about existence and scavenges for convenience store food all while seeking out Bigfoot and hiding from the goblins. Jim finally finds Bigfoot after discovering that the cryptid is able to evade being seen by using some Predator-like camouflage. Bigfoot dispatches some goblins in a fun, splattery way and that’s when the real action begins.


Damien’s writing is different and fun in the best way possible. Weaving social commentary and touching moments in between bawdy jokes, 28 Days Sassier is the apocalyptic portal travel Bigfoot buddy comedy you didn’t know you needed. At just over 100 pages, this is easily a one-sit read that is also available on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re looking for a palate cleanser in between dark reads, be sure to check out 28 Days Sassier!

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