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Film: Infinity Pool (2023)

Director: Brandon Cronenberg

Starring: Mia Goth, Alexander Skarsgard, Cleopatra Coleman

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Why You Should Watch It: WTF Terrifying Performances, Sexy Violent Content


Where to begin? I went in watching this film as spoiler-free as possible which wasn’t easy because the previews, by their very nature, give a bit away about the plot. Still, I was glad that I didn’t read too many reviews or spoilers so I’ll be sure not to do that for you either.




Infinity Pool is one of those movies that you feel strange about recommending to friends or admitting you like because it’s THAT f*cked up. I knew that it would be a tough one to watch based on the fact that it was written and directed by the son of David Cronenberg, also a director of f*cked up films. Even though there were plenty of flinch-worthy moments that made me want to cover my eyes, I sucked it up and finished the film and I was so glad I did.


Infinity Pool centers around James, a failed and uninspired author (ouch for all of us writers out there) played by Alexander Skarsgard and his wealthy wife, Em, played by Cleopatra Coleman. James and Em are on vacation at a resort in the made up paradise island of Li Tolqa so that he can get some writing inspiration, but neither of them seem to be having a good time. I was happy to see Cleopatra in this role which I think she absolutely nailed since I loved her character in the TV series Last Man on Earth.


It goes without saying though that Mia Goth, one of my current favorite scream queens, steals the show here. Mia plays the part of beautiful and suspicious Gabi, a B-list actress and the wife of wealthy architect, Alban. Gabi reveals herself to be a fan of James’ book, and the two couples start to hit it off. One thing leads to another and something bad happens that gets James into a nasty predicament and sets the real plot of the film in motion.


In this storyline, the island nation of Li Tolqa has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to murder, theft, sodomy and a list of other violent and non-violent crimes by punishment of death. Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately?) for James, he’s offered an unusual way out of his predicament as long as he’s willing to pay. The price, of course, is far more dear than a trip to the ATM.


Infinity Pool deals with so many different topics including the Ego and the Id, crime and punishment, personal responsibility and fate. Mia Goth’s performance is TERRIFYING in all capital letters, and Alexander Skarsgard ain’t half bad either. There’s a lot of commentary about ethics (or is it morals? IDK) and the depths of depravity that people might go to if they had an “infinity” of lives. Most people don’t get to push the reset button after doing something bad, but… what if we did? Would we continue to do more bad things or be grateful for our second chance?


Be forewarned that this movie is super violent and sexual (and originally was given an NC-17 rating) and will NOT leave you feeling good. There’s no comedic breaks from the tension, violence and gore, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. My only gripe is a few eye-rolling, suspension of belief moments and the open ending, which left me a little less than satisfied. However, with this kind of storyline, you know there is no happy ending to be had. Perhaps the most horrifying and terrible ending of all is knowing that bad people can continue doing bad things without recourse for, well, infinity.


Infinity Pool is currently streaming on Hulu.

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