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It's no secret how disturbed most of us are by the most recent developments in women's rights and health. It's the kind of horror we wish was just fiction... yet here we are. We wanted to find a way to both contribute to a good cause, and give people another way to have their voices heard, so we have decided to open calls for an anthology. *All* proceeds will be donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights.

We did a call for anyone willing to donate a story for the sake of a good cause. We wanted stories that will shake the outdated foundations that have allowed for the chipping away of women's rights. We asked for stories that make us visualize what your worst nightmares are right now. We needed stories about smashing the patriarchy that is working so hard to hold so many people back. We called for stories that leave no doubts we will not lay down like sheep and be content with what we're given. And man...did you deliver. 

LIVESTOCK is available now in paperback and e-book. You can find it at the retailers below! Thank you to anyone who has helped support this cause! We have a lot of work to do!

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