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Book: The Wild Fall (Available Aug 3rd!!!!)

Author: Katherine Silva

Publisher: Strange Wilds Press

Genre: Dystopian | Survival | Action

-This review is written by Angel as a guest post for Wendy-


Why You Should Read It

Dystopian characters you'll easily care about, and a world you'll want to know and find answers about.


Why I Liked It


** This will contain spoilers for The Wild Dark**

When we last saw Liz, things had gotten very complicated. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the sequel, but I was more than curious to find out what our characters had in store.

There are two things this series (and Kat) do really well, and that's describe a dystopian, action packed story. The characters are more than well thought out, and even the more "minor" characters have genuine stories behind them. The Wild Fall takes place ten years after The Wild Dark and surprisingly enough, the woods haven't completely taken out humanity.

One thing I did genuinely appreciate about the way Kat tells stories is that it was pretty fluid in the way of bringing us into the present. It didn't feel hard to process that it had been ten years. Instead, it all just sort of made sense? We get enough inner monologue to fill in gaps, while still getting to learn things through natural interactions between well written characters and fantastic conversations.

I would categorize this as a dystopian action series. I'm a fan of post-apoc themes and this hits that on the head, while doing the other thing I enjoy and exploring human nature and the way it shifts and evolves during time of crisis and when the need for survival shifts. This is something I love in many other sub genres of horror, so it was an easy click for me here.

I'm a fan of the way Kat writes and I'm really looking forward into jumping into her other series I have the first book for. I think all in all, this is pretty consistent with the big world building and the character development as The Wild Dark. I've read a bunch of sequels, and this one is the most consistent I've seen. If you like action packed, dystopian vibes will sincerely well developed and charismatic characters, you'll definitely enjoy The Wild Fall.

** I did receive a copy of this as an early reader. This has no impact on my review of this story.**

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